Burn Surgery

Most burn victims usually want the same things: for the burns to heal or go away, and to have freedom from pain and scars. In essence, they want to have their old life and their old self back to normal again. Reconstructive burn surgery can be the beginning of the recovery process.

The stages of a burn reconstructive surgery

The reconstructive burn surgery restoration process is comprised of three elements: recovery, reconstruction, and rehabilitation, with each process being distinct and unique.

Recovery means to return to original form. Typically, we recover from physical injuries, but this term may also indicate emotional recovery. Many burn victims also struggle with recovery from posttraumatic stress syndrome.

Reconstruction means to rebuild, but not necessarily to the exact previous form, as reconstruction has its inherent limitations. Reconstruction can return both form and function, and provides hope to the healing burn patient. With burn wounds, some tissues heal, some tissue is lost or replaced, and some tissue is irreparably damaged and endured.

Restoration literally means to make whole again, to become a whole person again, not just physically but spiritually and emotionally.