Fue Hair Transplant

Fue hair transplant clinic Pakistan

Follicular Unit Extraction or Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is a most preferred method for hair loss treatment at Amin Hair Transplant  Clinic. It is minimally invasive in nature and individual follicle is removed or extracted from donor area and implanted on the recipient area. Follicles or grafts are removed from donor area with automated extraction machine or tool and placed in the recipient area.

There is no need for stitches and no linear scar left after Fue procedure. Pakistan is well known for its excellent medical services and that is why patients from all over the world come here for hair transplant surgery.

Follicular unit extraction procedure in Pakistan is performed using the latest techniques yet they are many times cheaper. Hair regrowth is one of the most sought after treatments in the cosmetic medicine sector. The surgeons in Pakistan are not only skilled but cheap and therefore a favorite for all the potential patients. Hair restoration surgery is done in two basic ways; the strip method and the follicular unit extraction or Fue technique.

The former is much cheaper due to its uncomplicated technique and less time consumption. However the FUE method is quite expensive since it requires a higher degree of care and skill on the surgeon’s part. Getting hair transplant in Pakistan from an experienced and qualified surgeon should be your first priority as you deserve best treatment for your baldness.