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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the nose reshaping procedure which will transform the nose shape, appearance and function. It is the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Pakistani men and women. With the rhinoplasty operation it possible to make the nose smaller or bigger according to one need and wish.

Similarly the tip of the nose can be lifted or lowered as the desire of the patient. It is also possible to narrow the bridge of the nose which is the upper bony part of the nose as well as narrow the broad middle part of the nose.To perform the rhinoplasty procedure according to patient desire it is necessary for the surgeon to have thorough understanding of the patient  wishes and demand.

What is a Best  Rhinoplasty Candidate?

To achieve good rhinoplasty success rate in Pakistan the cosmetic surgeon should possess highest level of skill as this is the most demanding and versatile procedure in plastic surgery. The surgeon has to ensure correct symmetry of the nose with the rest of the face and also not lose the natural looking ability.

Normal candidates of nose surgery are one who desire:

  • Change in the form ,appearance and shape of nose.
  • Change the deviation angle of the nose as well as relieve obstruction .
  • Failed previous nasal surgery and optimizing its outcome.

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